TradeLayer's NFT Strategy

Cutting Cost, Embracing Multi-Chain

If you mint a token in TradeLayer that is indivisible, even if there are 1 or 10 or 1000 of them, that’s basically an NFT. You append a hash with a link to something like Filecoin or IPFS to host the associated media, and you’ve issued the NFT. It’s simple to protocol looking back at the issuance address of the NFT and referencing that information. True: we lack sophisticated features around using the NFT as collateral. One cannot use it as collateral for derivatives, but one could use it as collateral for secured loans. We aim to achieve the following:

  • cut the cost of trading NFTs to 1/700th of what prevails in the current market

  • get the NFTs therefore liquid enough at minute bid/ask spreads that it becomes possible to consider the cheaper, floor-priced, 100 most liquid NFTs in a 10k set, and combine that with the most liquid NFTs in other Blue Chip sets, in order to make an index, then we can have Oracle derivatives based on that index.

  • Enable options trading so these index futures can have Put options that are used to hedge secured loans

  • Make a secured loan feature that also supports these indivisible tokens

In doing so, we creat the potential for a paradise of art becoming money-good collateral (but not quite liquid enough to be money per se). Then people can borrow against their NFTs to try and earn net-carry, allowing NFT whales to live off the interest. This is an epic use-case that liberates human beings to not only seek financial independence, but to do so with art.

We break our NFT strategy at the production level down as follows:


  • Word Genre

  • Music Genre

  • RTS Genre

  • Metaverse Integrations

  • Supporting Game Auteurs

We intend to incubate projects either in-house or at arm’s length and then help them raise money in compliant fundraisers and/or via NFT sales.


  • Music NFTs on TradeLayer will plug in our proposed Music title as a playable level, and this would apply to any other music games that choose to target these NFTs. We hope to build a network effect in partnership with other platforms.

  • Build a pipeline of NFTs commemorating tours including live recordings of the performances.

Visual Art:

  • Produce low-end and mid-scale budgets of comissioned art works for novel, themed sets in the tradition of Art Blocks (but different styles.

  • Showcase sets involving different stylistic takes from multiple artists.

  • Adapt portrait style NFTs into games where the player character has variable portraits, allowing players to import the NFT art.

  • Additional adaptations of visual components into games.

  • Treasury strategy of holding onto Rare NFTs in sets we produce.


  • Support writers in doing text-oriented level design content for games.

  • Support writers in doing NFT sets that are well-themed on their work and thus resonate well artistically with them and perhaps by proxy, their fans.

  • Support comic writers in producing comic books with some of the artists and making NFTs of the pages.

  • TradeLayer’s founder is also a game designer who majored in Creative Writing and studied under Chris Crawford, who has worked on creating Interactive Storytelling for the latter part of his life. In the future generalizations from lessons learned in that genre will translate into tools for writers to create interactive storytelling worlds, with associated commerorative and generative NFTs.


  • An NFT can also embed a .js app running inside the pop-up window creating interactive audio/visual synthesis based on various algorithms. These interactives would synthesize Visual and Musical artists above and could be incorporated into future puzzle games.

We have a domain called - there’s nothing there yet, but we do have a wallet in development, here is a home-screen concept:

Our vision is for this technology to reach a billion young people in the next 10 years, for them to get good returns on their savings, for them to have multisig back-ups that protect them from error or theft, and that are *fun*. The same viral loops that helped make social gaming on Facebook a huge growth category 11 years ago can be applied to furthering the stickiness of consumer wallets that deliver the completely unfrivolous value of decentralizing USD savings. But there’s a lot of revenue to be made in spicing things up, and it makes things a lot more fun for us as well!

How big could NFTs get? It’s possible that minting NFTs in collaborative creative expressions withing metaverse frameworks could become a major form of cultural expression. Or NFTs could be a fad. Not ruling it out. But wouldn’t it be great, if art, could become a financial tool also? Not just for elites paying tens of millions for the art of a few lucky men, no, this will be a global art market for everyone, featuring radical collaborative opportunities, transmedia storytelling, intellectual property that almost freely builds on other intellectual property (because someone paid for the right via the NFT), cross-promotions, micro-level influencer marketing, parabolic price gains, and significant minting fee revenues for the leading games.

We’d be fools to miss it!