Introducing, Liquidity Club

The first KYC Whitelist on TradeLayer

Liquidity Club is meant to enable TradeLayer Inc’s trading desk to trade with residents of jurisdictions where it is legal to do so. On that basis, we can also create a growing pool of liquidity from all the other members of the Club. The fees on TradeLayer will be 0.5 bps for derivatives and spot trades inside trade channels. We have a wallet that wraps around a full node, and shows you a collated orderbook made of indicators of interest, a server app connects wallets like a switchboard, and facilitates the fast creation of multisig addresses and a co-signed transaction. Liquidity Club could grow into an early venue for achieving trading costs on par with traditional exchanges, at similarly tight sub-millisecond latencies.

Step 1:

To sign-up for Liquidity Club go to

Step 2:

In order to gain membership you will have to complete Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email address, and press ‘Verify me’ to continue.

Step 3:

Follow the KYC verification prompts; you will be required to upload a picture of both your Passport and a Proof of Address document (utility bill, bank statement, etc.) to confirm your identity, and that your residence is within an approved jurisdiction.

Step 4:

Continue to follow the KYC verification prompts; you will be required to allow the website access to your camera to provide a short authentication video.

Step 5:

After completing your verification please wait while the system processes your submission, you will eventually receive an approval/disapproval email from with additional instructions.

[if you have been incorrectly disapproved, or require any other assistance, please contact us at this address for support]

Institutional KYC will require additional manual feedback; personally KYC’ing a legal representative or other officer of the institution and then engaging in enhanced KYC over email is the preferred methodology at this time.

In order for anyone to be able to activate an address to trade in LC, that address must receive an attestation from a administration address on the Litecoin blockchain. Therefore, you must download the Layer Wallet and TradeLayer for Litecoin, which is a replacement of Litecoin Core, and run the software, to then copy/paste the address generated by it. Reply to the email with your address. A wallet tutorial is forthcoming.

We have verified our first member, who will receive a commemorative NFT.

We will award NFTs to early members on the following basis:

Rares: 1st


3rd (Letterman themed)


33rd (you social climber!)

1st to Trade 10 Million

1st to Trade 100 Million




First 50 members to do 10 Million will receive Tickets to a StreamMint generative art contract on Solana (NFTs and tokens on Solana will later bridge to TradeLayer)


First 1000 members regularly airdropped NFTs on raffle.

First 500 members to trade 1 million dollars

A Profile Picture-themed NFT set will be comissioned to faciliate a unique look for the membership. Business cats? Cyborg Apes? Perhaps a 50’s cartoon dad style set. Let us know what kind of laconic anthropomorphism fits your personality on the Liquidity Club Discord, and also, meet like-minded professionals with many years of trading experience between us.

But why all this talk about NFTs? Well sir, it’s topical. But also, Liquidity Club is going to be somewhat historic. It will be the first time and place where traders will be able to take advantage of sub-basis point transaction costs. There are tremendous amounts of money that can be earned arbitraging against available liquidity in such an environment.

However it’s not all professional algorithmic trading and biscuits. There must also be people who are there to trade infrequently, perhaps speculatively, or perhaps they periodically trade swaps vs. futures, perhaps they want to hedge and this lower cost helps their remittance business have higher operating margins. We need a variety of participants at many skill levels in a variety of countries. We only really need 1-5 competitive market making prescenses, but we need hundreds of small to medium sized funds, businesses and individual retail traders.

Naturally, we will celebrate all of your successes and try to mint you an iconic set of PfPs, as a token of our appreciation.

If you are non-US based, or institutional, get the compliance paperwork out of the way, it’s fast, Mati is the smoothest verification tool on the market, and become an early member of Liquidity Club. Click the link below: